• Artist Statement

    I aim to see my existence from an enlightened viewpoint. Through mindful attention, one can recognize the sacred nature of even the most mundane things. My creative process begins with reverence for materials discovered in the environment such as botanical seeds, earth and rocks.

    I envision every part of the formation of these natural objects . They are embedded with precious information about their physical origins and cultural history. Digging my hands into the soil and gathering remnants of nature allows an exploration of the material’s potential that is reframed through my studio practice. This investigation stems from my intuitive need to reconnect with nature in a technology-based culture that feels so far removed from it.

    These works of adornment, installation and sculpture incorporate the elegant visual language of metalsmithing with organic elements. Unearthing remnants from the landscape and reframing them as intricate works of art is a method of highlighting raw beauty often overlooked in our environment.

    This work explores my sense of intrigue about the extraordinary potential of mundane raw materials and re-evaluates conventional notions of preciousness.